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Subject/Headline: Introducing plans for Cawarden Solar Farm

The company Spring has asked us to share the news that they are progressing a project to install a solar farm on land at Cawarden Springs Farm and Colton Mill Farm.

Their aim is to create a pioneering project that delivers new renewable energy, significant ecological benefits and provide a model of how agriculture, clean energy and wildlife can thrive side-by-side.

With the coal-fired power station at Rugeley decommissioned, it creates space in the electricity network to ‘plug in’ new clean electricity generation.

Spring has prepared an information booklet to share their plans for the site with the parish.

It outlines their proposal and includes a link to their website where those who are interested can find more information. They would like to listen to views from the parish to help shape their proposal and make sure the project delivers all it can to the site, the wider local area, and beyond.

If you have any questions or comments please visit or get in touch at


Village Poppies

"Well Done" To Jonny who is a Henry Chadwick pupil, and Robyn and Amy who are pupils at the Friary school. They and other pupils did a fantastic job with placing their own poppy creations around the village.

Very Well Received and appreciated by the Parishioners :-) 



With Bonfire Night fast approaching...

Everyone should be able to enjoy fireworks safely, whether at an organised display or in their back garden.

Here you’ll find out the law around using fireworks as well as how to stay safe, and report those using fireworks in a dangerous or threatening way.

Who can use fireworks?

According to The Fireworks Regulations 2004 and The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015: -

- Anyone over 18 can buy, carry or use category one, two and three fireworks

- Anyone over 16 can only buy, carry or use category one fireworks

- Anyone over 12 can buy Christmas crackers

- Only licensed professionals can buy, carry and use category 4 fireworks

- Unless part of an organised event by licensed professionals, fireworks cannot be used on the street or in a public place

- It is an offence to throw or set off any firework (including sparklers and category 1 fireworks) in or into any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space What time can fireworks be used?

Fireworks can be used in the UK any time from 7am to 11pm.

Exceptions are: -

- Bonfire night: 7am to midnight - New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year: 7am to 1am the following day

What is the impact of firework misuse?

Used irresponsibly, fireworks can cause damage to property and do significant harm to people and animals.

Not only is there a danger from fireworks exploding, they can also pose a serious fire risk as well. This is why members of the public may only use fireworks on private property, such as their back gardens, and only licensed professionals can use them in public places.

What you can do: -

- If children are setting off fireworks in your area, our first advice is to ask them politely to stop. It’s possible they’re unaware that they are breaking the law.

If you know their parents, perhaps ask them to intervene.

- If you are having an on-going problem with people misusing fireworks, please report it to Staffordshire Police on 101 / report via 'digital 101' on the Staffordshire Police website or 999 in an emergency.

Message Sent By Deryn Small (Police, Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), Lichfield)


News release: 25 September 2020

Bins to be out by 6am from now on Residents who live in Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough will need to put their bins out by 6am on their collection day from now on.

Through the Lichfield and Tamworth Joint Waste Service, Lichfield District Council and Tamworth Borough Council are asking that residents from across both areas to put their bins out by 6am rather than by 6.30am on their collection day.

This is so bin collections can be staggered throughout the morning to allow waste and recycling crews to social distance. Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member Responsible for Waste, said: “We’ve moved the start of our bin rounds forward by 30 minutes so our crews can start their rounds at different times, to make sure we are operating in a covid-secure way. “I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their help with this, however, as many bins go out the night before, most households shouldn’t notice the change.”

If a household’s bin is not out by 6am, and it is not collected, the team cannot come back to empty it at a later time.

However, if a bin was put out by the right time, does not contain the wrong waste, and has not been emptied by 3.30pm, it can be reported as a missed bin online at or by calling the team on 0345 002 0022.

To find out more about bin collections, and what can go in each colour bin, visit 

Media enquiries Esther Epstein, Press & Communications Officer, Lichfield District Council T: 01543 308778 E:


9th September 2020

Traffic Calming Scheme

The Parish Council is pleased that the long awaited traffic calming scheme for Hill Ridware is nearing completion.

It was first proposed some years ago in response to the plan that construction traffic from the HS2 project would be coming through the village, with associated noise, dust, vibration and disruption to road users and pedestrians.

HS2 Ltd intended to use both Uttoxeter Road and School Lane for construction traffic, including articulated vehicles and earth moving equipment. Their plans included traffic light controlled convoys of local vehicles through the village, giving priority to HS2 Lorries and inevitably causing long delays for other road users and endangering pedestrians.

They also intended to rip out hedgerows and trees on all approaches to the village to allow their huge vehicles to get through.

With the support of County Councillor Martyn Tittley, the Parish Council initiated the traffic calming scheme with detailed traffic volume surveys and highway mapping conducted by the SCC Highways team.

Installation began with the construction of the traffic island and the pedestrian crossing, followed by the speed cushions and chicanes at Rake End.

The delay in completing these works was caused by the need to complete vital but complex sewerage work to address recurrent drainage issues at that end of the village.

These issues are now resolved and the scheme is moving forward with works completed on Uttoxeter Road and now moving on to School Lane. Councillors are aware of the common assertion of speed cushions that they can cause damage to car tyres etc.

The answer is simple: when cars are driven over the cushions at about 10- 20mph, damage is highly unlikely.

Also, the regulations state speed cushions must not be higher than 4 inches; Councillors have checked the height of most of the cushions and found them to vary between 2.75 and 3.25 inches.

As a village resident said, ‘It’s a choice between HS2 lorries and speed bumps!’ The Parish Council agrees!

Parish Council


News release: 3 September 2020

Great British September Clean – do you love where you live?

Earlier this year, the Great British Spring Clean was postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Now it’s back and has been re-launched as the Great British September Clean, which is running from 11 to 27 September 2020.

Led by Keep Britain Tidy, the initiative encourages local communities to come together to tackle litter close to home. The clean-up event is about demonstrating that you love where you live - whether that’s by pledging to litter pick while walking the dog or taking the kids to school, hosting a clean-up, or joining someone else’s clean-up.

In light of coronavirus, Keep Britain Tidy has issued new guidance that says litter picks should be carried out alone, in pairs, or in small groups up to a maximum of six.

They also suggest wearing your own gloves and sanitising litter pickers before and after use. Lichfield District Council is backing this year’s Great British September Clean and will be helping residents, community groups, businesses and schools with their clean-up activities by providing litter pickers and bin bags, as well as organising for any waste to be collected afterwards.

These are available to book on request, but are subject to demand. Councillor Richard Cox, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks & Waste, said: “I am really pleased this annual clean-up event can now go ahead and that we can help with equipment for our local litter pickers. It’s an opportunity for communities to come together to tackle problem areas and improve the environment on their doorstep. “Our street cleansing team work hard all year to keep the district clean and tidy but litter is an ongoing issue.

This is why we are continuing to encourage all our residents to help us by putting their litter in a bin or taking it home. It is in everyone’s interest to keep the district free of litter, because we all benefit from clean streets.”

To find out more about the Great British September Clean, including how you can pledge to take part, visit

To book litter pickers, bin bags, and waste collection, please contact the council by emailing or call 01543 687550. 


News release: 19 August 2020

Reminder that bagged waste must not go in blue bins.

Through its joint waste service with Tamworth Borough Council, Lichfield District Council is reminding all its residents not to bag up their recycling, as blue bins cannot be emptied if they are found to have bagged waste in them. To promote the change, recycling crews have put service change stickers on all blue bins across Lichfield District and Tamworth Borough. The stickers explain that bins will not be emptied if they contain bagged items and also outline how and what to recycle, although the list is not exhaustive and the full instructions can be found on the council’s website. Councillor Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks & Waste, said: “Most of our residents are fantastic at following our recycling guidelines and the last thing we want to do is to leave anyone’s bin unemptied. However, just one bad bin can contaminate an entire eight-tonne load. “We’re continuing to get the message out to all homes that they need to follow the guidance. This includes putting recycling into blue bins loose and only recycling the right items and making sure they are clean. “We’ve had to start excluding bagged waste after truckloads of our recycling were repeatedly rejected by our recycling plant, because they were contaminated by non-recyclable waste that our crews couldn’t identify at the kerbside because it was in bags. “If we don’t address this it will cost us an extra £250,000 a year, which is not a good use of tax payers’ money. We hope everyone will help the environment by recycling as much as they can in the right way.” The only times bags can be used for recycling is if your blue bin is full, then additional recycling can be placed in a clear plastic bag next to your blue bin on collection day. Likewise, if you have a lot of shredded paper to recycle, it is best to put this in a clear plastic bag and leave it next to your blue bin when it is emptied. You can also recycle empty, clean plastic bags in your blue bin.

To check what can and can’t go in your blue bin, go to

Blue Bins

Media enquiries Esther Epstein, Press & Communications Officer, Lichfield District Council T: 01543 308778 E:


News release: 19 August 2020

Lichfield’s Visitor Information Centre reopens On Monday 17 August,

Lichfield District Council reopened its Visitor Information Centre, which is based in Lichfield Library in St Mary’s on the Market Square.

After closing when much of the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the council is reopening its Visitor Information Centre with a slightly reduced service.

The team is on hand to help with visitor enquiries, city maps and self-guided trails, National Express tickets, coach parking tickets, and tourism and events leaflets, which are available on request as an extra precaution.

A number of measures have been put in place to protect visitors and the team, including a one-way route around the building, a requirement to wear a face mask, social distancing, hand sanitiser, protective screens, and requesting that customers pay by card.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member responsible for Visitor Economy, said: “By reopening the visitor information desk, we’re sending out a message that we are ready to welcome tourism back to the district in a safe and measured way.

“Our attractions and hospitality sector have worked hard to be covid-secure, many of whom have achieved the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard, and we hope visitors will come back to the district to enjoy our many and varied attractions and help boost the local economy.”

The Visitor Information Centre is open from Monday to Saturday, between 9.30am and 4pm.

For more visitor information and to download maps of the city and district, go to

Media enquiries Esther Epstein, Press & Communications Officer, Lichfield District Council T: 01543 308778 E: