Mavesyn Ridware Parish Council

Meeting Minutes - Wednesday 5th February 2020

Meeting with the Village Hall Committee on Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.


Cllr Edwards

Cllr Harrison

Cllr Harris

Cllr Stevenson

Cllr Vernon

Cllr Stockdale

S LaPlanche

V Coles

J Roberts

V Adams

S Howell

F Locker

Mr and Mrs Higgin

Mr and Mrs Lowries.


1. To receive apologies – Cllr M Hill, K Spence and G Street.

2. Declaration of interests – None.

3. Statement from the Chairman – Objectives of the meeting

(a) The Chairman asked if all questions can go through the Chairman by the raising of hands. He suspended the Parish Council Standing Orders at 7.50pm, to allow the public members to speak freely.

(b) The Chairman said the purpose of this agreed meeting between the two committees, could encourage a positive working relationship, for the future.

4. Trust Document – Mr Higgins thanked for this meeting and for the opportunity of the two committees coming together. Cllr Vernon and Mr Bentley said that Moseley’s Solicitors weren’t in possession of the original document. The Clerk said she will look into the Parish records for the original copy, and then forward a copy to the committee secretary. All present were asked if we could all forget past history conversations, old documents of agreements made and meeting minutes, with regards to the land and building management. The two committee will progress forward together on working together for the benefit of our community. All agreed

5. Roles & Responsibilities of the Trust – Mr Higgins read out from the Charities Act 1960 with regards to custodian trustees, being the Parish Council. He said the Village Hall Committee are the managers of the Hall and its land. All agreed.

He read from the Trust document stating that all representatives, including the Parish Council’s, are required to be trustees.

6. Other key documents – None.

7. Areas of concern for discussion – Mr Higgins suggested a small subcommittee of councillors and Village Hall Trustees could meet to discuss the below headings in detail, with a need for a formal documentation record. Cllr Vernon, Cllr Edwards, V Adams, J Roberts and Mr Higgins all offered to be on the subcommittee.

(a) Playground – Proof of ownership of equipment as its management and liability responsibilities. The Clerk said she will send a copy of the Parish Council’s insurance document covering this.

(b) Garage – The Clerk confirmed the Parish Council owns and insures the garage but not its contents.

(c) Car Park – The Clerk confirmed the Parish Council own and insures the green metal and memorial bench.

(d) Access road to allotments – referred to subcommittee for discussion.

(e) Parish Room - referred to subcommittee for discussion. (f) Grassed Area - referred to subcommittee for discussion.

(g) Communication – The Chairman said the primary contact for the Parish Council is the Clerk and for the Village Hall Committee the Chair.

(h) Future Developments – The Chairman said this meeting is a start of the way forward for the Parish Council and Village Hall Committee.

(i) S106 funds granted to the Parish Council – The Chairman said he will produce the documentation for the grant conditions, referred to subcommittee for discussion.

(j) Village Hall invoicing – referred to subcommittee for discussion.

8. The Way Forward - referred to subcommittee for discussion.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm Signed the Chairman of the Parish Council