Mavesyn Ridware Parish Council

Thursday 19th March Agenda

MAVESYN RIDWARE PARISH COUNCIL Tel: 07928 300394 Village Hall, Uttoxeter Road, Hill Ridware e-mail: Rugeley, Staffs, WS15 3QX To all Members of the Council:

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Mavesyn Ridware Parish Council on Thursday 19th March 2020 at 7.30pm.

Samantha LaPlanche - Parish Clerk 13th March 2020 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (15 minutes)


1. To receive apologies

2. Declaration of interests

3. To elect a chair

4. To elect a village hall representative

5. To approve the minutes from the council meetings held on 5 February, 20 February and 6 march 2020

6. Planning matters - application 20/00333/fuh 73 Uttoxeter road, erection of detached garage in front garden and 20/00351/fuh single storey extension to rear and side

7. Highway matters - traffic scheme at rake end

8. Flooding matters (i) Update from Severn Trent (ii) Letter request by cllr Stevenson to stw

9. To consider reports from other committees

10. To discuss the keep britain tidy scheme – do it for your dog

11. Correspondence

(i) Unity trust bank statement

(ii) ldc press releases from press officer Esther Epstein

(iii) SCC bulletins weekly

(iv) SPCA bulletins weekly

(v) SCC – hs2 community & business funds information

(vi) IDC – acknowledgement of casual vacancy advertisement

(vii) SPCA – acknowledgement of clerk vacancy advertisement

(viii) Village hall committee – minutes from meeting on 17th February

(ix) IDC – acknowledgement of email request regarding outstanding balance on s106 funds

(x) S Laplanche – letter of resignation

(xi) R Edwards – letter of resignation

12. To note the date of the next meeting – annual assembly Thursday 23rd April at 7.30pm

13. Financial matters – to approve deletion and addition of signatories on the bank account

14. Finance - to approve payments for March 2020.

19/03/20 300557.... Wages march £131.36 19/03/20 300558.... Wages march final pay £00.00 19/3/20 300559......... ink £14.00 19/3/2020 300560.....aqua sacks from amazon £250.00 Total £395.36