Mavesyn Ridware Parish Council

Mr Robert Lowries

My wife and I moved to Hill Ridware in January 2016. We are both retired and were looking for a community in which we can continue to enjoy a very full life and also move closer to one of our four children.

I spent my professional life working in secondary education. I taught science for nearly 40 years. During my teaching career I enjoyed a wide range of experience. I led science, technology and computer education as a faculty head in a large school for several years, served as a Deputy Head Teacher for curriculum and staffing and latterly held the post as Head of a Sixth Form Centre.

Throughout my career I also engaged in projects outside the school from examination work, a national research project and pursuing further qualifications. Since retirement I have undertaken a number of voluntary activities. Whilst living in an area closer to Stafford I volunteered with the House of Bread in Stafford, an organisation providing support to sections of the Stafford Community. Since moving to Hill Ridware I spent 3 years on the Village Hall Committee and I continue to be a member of the Speedwatch Group.

I am member of Rugeley Rotary and have enjoyed many of their activities. During the “Covid 19” period I have been volunteering with Brereton Millions. My interests include walking, cycling, camping and I love taking photos.

Travelling is a big part of my life since retirement and combines with my other interests. The decision to join the Parish Council I see as an extension of being a good neighbour, in the widest sense.

I believe that there is nothing more important than the people that make up the community in which we live and our willingness to support each other, working together.